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Five Levers of Change

I am exploring how and what needs to change if we are to improve the daily lives of ordinary people everywhere. There are at least five main levers of change, all of which need to be applied together if substantive change is to come about:

  1. Organizational change – this requires that people understand why so often organizations don’t work for the benefit of their owners, who may be members, or citizens in the case of governmental organizations. We need to understand what needs to be changed if organizations are to be made to work as they should.
  2. Political Change – in a democratic system, this requires that we elect representatives that are ready to embrace the changes that are needed, and who can be relied upon to legislate in support of such change.
  3. Economic Change – calling for enterprises that challenge powerful economic players that control resources and dominate market.
  4. Educational change – this involves taking steps to ensure that the educational system encourages people to prepare to change. Most importantly. The education system must provide people with the skills that will empower them to take control over their own lives.
  5. Social change - this involves changing the existing norms of society (a standard pattern of behaviour that is considered normal in a society), which is led by a movement for social change.

Social change

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A new website 5 Levers for Change, shares ideas about how to secure the changes necessary if we are to achieve a fairer society and a more secure future for the inhabitants of our planet.

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